People-First Approach

As Kipaş Textiles, we support the principle of ‘People-First’ in our human resources management with a dynamic, open-minded, and responsive approach. Kipaş Holding is a significant contributor to society by initiating many social initiatives such as hospitals, schools, and other public buildings.

Since its establishment in 1984, Kipaş Holding has been implementing the corporate values of RESPECT for the individual, PARTICIPATION, individual RESPONSIBILITY, DRIVE for innovative and creative thinking, and continuous PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT of our employees in every aspect of its business structure.

Our most important resource on the road to success are our employees.


Kipas Holding embodies a special training team of experts to share their expertise and knowledge in vocational school programs such as fashion and textile design, electronics, machinery. Intermediate Technical Staff Training by Kipaş is organized by our expert employees for graduating students. We employ graduates after they have successfully finished a three-month course for theoretical and hands-on training.


We place great importance on training and preparing students from Vocational High Schools for the future, which we are also obliged to employ as required by law number 3308.


As Kipaş, we believe that continuous improvement within the company is essential to adapt to changing conditions and maintain its success. Together with our customer-oriented focus and team spirit, our employees’ knowledge and efforts constitute the cornerstones of our success. Hence, we embrace our employees as our most important resource that should progress in parallel with our company’s constant development. Besides our annual corporate training agenda, additional training programs are being carefully curated by the employees and their managers, considering their professional and personal development, current and potential tasks and responsibilities.


The management training program in Kipaş aims to enhance the quality of future teams and build a persistent change by including successful young students from all of the engineering subsidiaries of KSU and/or surrounding provincial universities.

Performance and Rating

The dialogue between the employees and the management is essential in Kipaş Holding’s corporate culture. Our performance evaluation system aims to effectively and objectively evaluate goals, business results, and personal competencies. This system allows employees and managers to share their mutual expectations and use concrete, measurable performance evaluation ratings and helps us to map out the next steps and training needs of the employee to manage personal development plans.


The Human Resources department in Kipaş is responsible for determining the hiring and the recruitment process. After the initial evaluation of incoming applications, potential candidates are invited for a job interview attended by human resources, relevant managers, and the general manager. Every candidate interviewed is properly informed of the interview outcome, and suitable candidates are placed in open positions.
Along with the competencies required for the position, candidates are also expected to have the skills mentioned below. Foreign language knowledge (English) and military service for men are among our basic criteria when applicable.
• Customer- orientated
• Teamwork skills
• Communicative
• Eager to learn and improve
• Highly motivated
• Self-reliance and business ethics
• Flexible
• Discipline and stability
• Honest


As Kipaş Holding, we place the utmost importance on youth as they are the ones who will move us forward. Therefore, we aim to create opportunities for them to practice theoretical knowledge that they acquire in school and provide optimal training in the workplace environment.  Internship programs in Kipaş also aim to guide students who may be our potential employees in the future by allowing them to get to know our business environment and our company culture.
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As Kipaş, we invite and challenge our employees to contribute to the company’s overall performance by making a significant contribution within the framework of his/her job. At Kipas, we always support and enable our employees to share their thoughts and ideas with our management. In this way, we aim to create a dynamic atmosphere with high job satisfaction through our open to development, eager to innovate approach that allows us to increase our success by providing services above customer expectations.

Human Resources Policy

  • Utilizing human resource in line with our targets,
  • Supplying the needs and development of our workforce,
  • Embracing a humanist approach in the entire business functions by realizing the importance of human resource as the most significant competitive advantage,
  • Embracing the principle of equality through applying the “right person for the right job” and “equal pay for equal work.”
  • Providing training and development programs to make our employees reach the ideal skill level and to avoid any kind of knowledge depreciation,
  • Devising appropriate training environment to equip the masterminds with knowledge who would fulfill the modern-day requirements,
  • Performing human-oriented programs such as human relations, employee satisfaction, career plans, performance evaluation, recruitment, and compliance programs
  • Ensuring the unity around common goals across all employees
  • Handling Kipaş Holding’s targets together with employee goals
  • Constantly elevating the motivation level of employees.
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